Osclass 3.8.0 Ready to download!

We’re releasing a new version 3.8 that contains security patches and several bugfixes. Please update, if you are using a previous version.

Osclass 3.8.0 changelog:

  • Fixed several vulnerabilities found by Zekvan Arslan ( https://www.netsparker.com )
  • Hooks at category insert & edit (‘edited_category’, ‘add_category’)
  • Filter at search page (‘search_pattern’)
  • mb_strlen missing at installation has been fixed
  • meta_title() fixed missing page (recover & forgot)
  • Fixed issue with filter ‘pre_item_add_error’
  • Updated HTML Purifier to 4.10.0
  • Updated PHPMailer to 5.2-stable
  • Fixed DateInterval custom field issues
  • Invalid email address verification on resend password request has been fixed
  • Multiple minor fixes and improvements

You can update it from your admin panel or download Osclass 3.8 manually. If you have any doubt, please use this guide on how to update Osclass or post your questions in the forums.

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