Osclass 3.7.0 Ready to download!

We’re releasing a new version 3.7.0 that contains four security patches and several bugfixes. Please update, if you are using a previous version.

Osclass 3.7.0 changelog:

  • Multisite fixes and improvements
  • Fixed an issue with custom fields on edit item
  • Mysql 5.7 compatibility
  • Comment email notification only if comment moderation is disabled
  • Use https in order to prevent warnings
  • Remove temporal unremoved files (auto_qqfile_*)
  • Cron skipping issues has been fixed
  • New hooks, pre_item_add_error and pre_item_edit_error. Plugins can add FlashMessages.
  • Prevent subscribe to searches twice (Alerts)
  • Increase PHP minimum version to 5.6.0
  • Robots.txt overwrite has been fixed
  • Improved helper function osc_validate_email()
  • Added new noCaptcha ReCaptcha
  • Added listings link at item add / item edit (oc-admin)
  • Fixed Authenticated cross-site scripting issues.
  • Found by Robin Peraglie with the help of the RIPS code analyser (https://www.ripstech.com)
  • Osclass core fixed and improvements
  • Bender theme minor fixes

You can update it from your admin panel or download Osclass 3.7.0 manually. If you have any doubt, please use this guide on how to update Osclass or post your questions in the forums.

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