Osclass 3.5.9 Ready to download!

We’re releasing a new version 3.5.9 that contains four security patches and several bugfixes. Please update, if you are using a previous version.

Osclass 3.5.8 & 3.5.9 changelog:

  •  Fixed four critical vulnerabilities thanks to HP Fortify Open Review ( https://hpfod.com/open-source-review-project )
  •  Minor bug fixes and improvements

You can update it from your admin panel or download Osclass 3.5.9 manually. If you have any doubt, please use this guide on how to update Osclass or post your questions in the forums.

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3 Responses to Osclass 3.5.9 Ready to download!

  1. EventsPanda says:

    A strange Problem happenned when we updated to the latest version of osclass. Our custom developments to osclass are no longer working. How does the upgrade process of osclass works. Does it replaces all the modified files with the latest version ?
    Or tell us how we can upgrade to latest without replacing our existing code…?

  2. desteban says:

    Dear EventsPanda,

    The upgrade process will upgrade the core files of your installation to the latest version, not your plugins nor themes. Modifying core files is not recommended, plugins should be used instead.

  3. Rushabh says:

    when adding Multiple Category then showing Database Error Please make it correct.