You have never seen so many NEW THEMES!

Temperatures rising (in some parts of our planet) and more and more new themes coming to Osclass Market.

While climate change is regrettably behind the first, it is the talent and unstoppable work of our developers which causes the latter. It’s now been 6 months since authors started to receive their first earnings, which have been growing month by month. In fact, last June we reached a record of earnings sent to our developers! Half a year later, we can now proudly say that Osclass Market is a reliable and profitable marketplace for Osclass developers.  So if you have designed Osclass themes or plugins, what are you waiting to upload them at Osclass Market? Register as a developer, it’s free and you’ll start cashing for your creations in no time. We may not turn you into the next Steve Jobs but we’ll surely make you a little bit richer.

Need inspiration? We have a bunch of new themes and useful plugins! If only we could find a plugin to stop the climate change! In the meantime, these cool products will certainly help you get through this heat wave.


Global Classifieds

Premium responsive theme with advanced features. Highly customisable from theme dashboard settings to make a unique classifieds website.

material design Material Design

Premium theme complying with ‘google material design’ rules. Several features and theme settings options. Easily upload your logo in admin “Header logo” section, easily publish google Adsense ads in your website by submitting ad code in admin ‘Theme settings’ section.

flatter Flatter

Premium responsive theme with advanced features and highly customisable. Flatter theme comes in Green (default), Blue, Yellow and Red colors.

patricia Patricia Theme

Full responsive template for Osclass version 3.0.0 or higher.

Not exactly what you’re looking for? Take a look at these and more of our latest themes at Osclass Market.


Visual Captcha

Human friendly FontAwesome captcha focused on enhancing the user experience on your website.

spam solution Spam Solution 

Are you bothered with spam on your classifieds site? Let Spam Solution Plugin solve your problem with spam, bots and duplicate postings! There are many ways to protect your classifieds website. 100% protected and spam free site. Compatibility: 3.0.0 – 3.x.x (latest).

multifactor authentication Multifactor Authentication 

Adds functionality for users to opt-in for multi factor authentication to add extra security to their profile.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Then browse among other cool plugins at Osclass Market.

Want to share your plugins and themes? Submit them on Osclass Market!
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