You suggest, we listen!


We at Osclass are always seeking ways to improve. And we get the best feedback from the voice of our community. Yes, don’t look the other way, we’re talking to you. 😉

Our team is curious, which features do you miss in Osclass? Suggest us anything you think that may help Osclass to be the most comprehensive software of all times. Your ideas can turn into a feature for the new version, a plugin or it can also help us design a new theme! Don’t be intimidated and write your comments below or tell us through UserVoice. We’d love to hear what you have to say.

Your wishes are commands!

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4 Responses to You suggest, we listen!

  1. Lazaros says:

    I like to have an easy way to make the city and the location to been choosed by a dropdown menu and not with searching… It very annoying and very bad for sites like mine that location is essencial…

  2. Marta Bosch says:

    Nice suggestion Lazaros! We have noted it down!
    Thank you!

  3. Piotr Mis says:

    I like to have autocomplete city, region, custom – custom filters (example ‘on the see’, but not ‘rooms’) in ONE autocomplete search form -this will be awesome,
    i like to have posibility to not hack custom fiters layaut.
    range slider in custom filters will be great
    radio buttons in custom fields looks like radiobutttons not dropdown
    create ease option to make order with those custom fields

    Option to search in two or more categories (checkbox).
    Google maps search like airbnb

    Thats will be AWESOME! 🙂

  4. francebiladi says:

    I would like to remove country, region and city fields as i installed my script special to one country. And in our country we don’t have regions. We have just cities. I want to remove my country field. Only city field should be written during listing and search.