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Best plugins in life are for free! Well, we know that’s not what the official quote says, but applies very well to our new Market arrivals. Of the 4 products that we have included to Osclass Market this week, 3 of them are free. This means you can have them installed on your classifieds website in just one click! Also, being these products free, there’s no need to worry about the money. Download whichever you prefer and try it on your Osclass installation. Maybe you get surprised of how much it brings to your site! And what about the fourth product? – you’ll be wondering. Well, it’s a fully-responsive and mobile-friendly theme for just 1$. Yes, no mistake here! Who said themes have to be expensive?

So, come over to Osclass Market and browse our latest products! No matter what your classifieds site is about. We’re convinced you’ll find something that will blow your mind.


unit theme Unit (only for $1)

Fully responsive and mobile-friendly theme. Smoothly adapted to any screen resolution and device.We hope you will enjoy using Unit template’s easy to navigate and user-friendly layout and yet developer friendly code.

  Marketica (FREE)

Free, fully responsive, mobile-friendly theme based on Bender. Smoothly adapted to any screen resolution and device.

Not exactly what you’re looking for? Take a look at these and more of our latest themes at Osclass Market.


Trezor Connect (FREE)

Enable Trezor connect on your website and let your users login fast and secure without passwords.

Database Log Table (FREE)

Plugin will help admin with cleanup and maintenance of t_log table. Supports both manual and auto/cron cleanup tasks.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Then browse among other cool plugins at Osclass Market.

Want to share your plugins and themes? Submit them on Osclass Market!
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