Butler plugin: cleans expired and spam listings


Have you ever entered your oc-admin and felt like in your own bedroom? No offense intended, but we all know that great geniuses are often accompanied by a certain untidiness. We also know that the more traffic you get to your Osclass website, the more you’ll need to automate user and listing management. Specially, for those expired and spam listings that are heaping out in your database. If this is your case, Osclass has developed the perfect solution for you: Butler plugin.

You can set our Butler to automatically clean your website. Just ring the bell! Well, ring it and also set up some rules for automatic deletion. Butler plugin will help you clean the following data:

  • Ads: expired, spam and non-activated
  • Users: non-activated

screenshot screenshot2

Butler plugin will automatically delete those listings after the number of days you have set. You can also configure a maximum number of listings that will be deleted each time. It’s ideal if you have a high traffic website and will definitely help you gain more free space.

Please note that in order to work properly, cron or auto-cron must be enabled, being your system cron the preferred method.

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