Update your plugin / theme version!

You are already an expert in the art of selling on Osclass Market. You have developed outstanding themes and plugins. You have uploaded your products to our marketplace and you’ve tasted success, looking at your products’ downloads and sales stats. But you are the hard-working type and keep improving your creations. Now you’ve come up with a new version of your favourite theme/plugin and want to make it available to everyone on Osclass Market. Here are a few suggestions on how best to update your product version:

add new file
Always add new version files through “Add new file” button, on “My products” tab.

Remember that if you “Edit” an existing version, this one becomes blocked. Now, we’ve enhanced the system so that when an existing version is being edited, the latest (non-blocked) version is available for download.

Bottom line? When adding a new product version, we always recommend you to add new file versions instead of editing existing files. In this way, users will always have access to the latest version of your products, while you are adding the new one.

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