Market developers get their first earnings!

It’s been 3 months since Osclass Market welcomed paid themes and plugins. Now the time has come for our developers to collect their earnings! We are glad to say that this month we will be sending our developers their first earnings, as a result of their successful sales of their paid themes and plugins.

Congrats to all of you! You have helped our Market grow little by little through creating great tools to customise Osclass websites.
Since we first released premium items, Osclass Market has welcomed 8 paid plugins and 4 paid themes. We pride ourselves of adding the best products, through careful review and approval. So if you already have send us your creations and haven’t heard of us, please be patient. We do our best to review the large amount of items uploaded daily, in order to deliver top quality on our Market.

Have you developed Osclass themes or plugins? So, why don’t you send them to us? You will be selling your creations on Osclass Market, the best and the only official showcase for Osclass plugins and themes with more than 1 Million downloads. Sign in now and upload your items!

Not a registered developer yet? Sign up on Osclass Market!

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