Elasticsearch and Osclass, the perfect couple!

We don’t stop seeing amazing websites built with Osclass! Our showcase is shinning with skilfulness, hard work and good taste. Ok, we may be showing off a little bit but we are excited to discover outstanding pieces of work using our software. Check them out!

Screenshot 2015-01-14 13.51.22 Pysgod.com
The first classifieds website dedicated exclusively to fish keeping in Spain.
The site includes a store directory for over 180 aquatic stores.
Built with Elasticsearch and with a slick design, this website offers the possibility to search products per stores, locations, categories, brands,etc.
Screenshot 2015-01-14 18.19.34 Troc-cadeaux.com
Not happy with that present your mother gave you?
Troc-cadeaux is the place where you can post and find free classifieds for any kind of deal: exchange, barter, sale and resale of Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, Valentine’s Day, etc.
Screenshot 2015-01-14 19.11.14 SijuBel.com
A classifieds site for the local market in Indonesia. Users can buy or sell new or used items on this website.
This website has a lot of categories such as vehicles, electronics, gadgets, property,jobs, offer services, smartphones, Office equipment, bicycles, etc. Users can sign up using social media like Facebook.

As you may have seen, this week we are especially glad to include the first Osclass website using Elasticsearch.

You may be wondering what is so fantastic about this Elasticsearch. Well, it is an open-source search server based on Apache Lucene. The beauty of this search engine is that it allows faceted search on your website, so that users will be able to explore a collection of information by successively applying filters in whatever order they choose. So, Elasticsearch is perfect if you want to help your users to quickly and precisely find what they are looking, as they will be able to filter their search according to your categorised content. Easy to install, simple-to-use and built to scale (you’ll love that as much as we do).

GitHub, The Guardian, MercadoLibre and WordPress.com, among others, are already using it! Give it a try!

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