Are you ready to download Osclass 3.5?

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No wonder that you are more than eager to update your Osclass to the most recent version, 3.5. And if you aren’t still all so excited about it, here are a few good reasons that will surely convince you.

First, from now on you can connect your Osclass installation to your Market account and discover its great advantages! Just a couple of clicks and you will synchronise your Osclass Market with your Osclass admin panel.

By the way, do you see anything different in Osclass Market? Yes, you’ve guessed it! Now you can enjoy paid plugins and themes! Once connected to your Market account, the new “My purchases” tab on your oc-admin Market will allow you to quickly find your plugins and themes bought at Osclass Market. What’s more, we have added search filters to the Market area in your oc-admin. Now you will be able to rapidly spot your desired plugin or theme and find similar ones from the same category.

And new version highlights don’t simply end here. Here’s a breakdown of the latest improvements you will also find in Osclass 3.5.:

  • Improved styles and UI at Manage listings page.
  • Date format improvements at Manage users/listings pages.
  • Several helpers functions fixed. Now working properly!
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Wait, there’s more! We are proud to announce that some Osclass themes now support ad management (Google Adsense, Tradedoubler, Commission Junction, among others). Start today monetising your Osclass site!

Want to know more? Take a peek at Osclass 3.5. changelog.

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3 Responses to Are you ready to download Osclass 3.5?

  1. Andrew says:

    Hey there, have you changed the way s_search field is saved in Alerts table now? Seems like it is not encoded with base64 now? Please let me know.

  2. OsClass, every day better!

  3. krahamath says:

    Why website is not saving on updated versions? and where is 3.5.2 changelog?