Connect your Market!

Our new Market version comes with outstanding features both for developers and users! You know that we at Osclass always aim to make your life easier and to deliver you a faster and improved experience with your classifieds site. So this is why we have implemented “Market Connect”. With this option, you will be able to connect your Osclass Market profile to your Osclass installation. In this way, you will be able to able to download your purchased items, directly from your oc-admin Market.

So how do you connect your Market?

Simply access your Market, from your oc-admin, and click on the “Connect” tab. Enter your Market e-mail address and password (the one provided in the sign-up process) and click on “Connect”.

Now you are connected to your Market account. So, whenever you buy a payment item on Osclass Market, it will automatically appear on your oc-admin, in “My purchases” tab. From “My purchases” you will be able to download your purchased items directly, saving you the time and effort to download and upload the item file.

Note that this feature is designed exclusively for payment items. Free items downloaded through your Market user profile won’t appear neither on My purchases nor on Dashboard → Plugins tabs.

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