How to add Adsense (and others) to your Osclass

“How can I earn money with my Osclass website?” “How can I display Google Adsense on my site?”

Monetisation has been one the most demanded features by Osclass users. There are different ways to earn money with Osclass. In our previous video tutorial we taught you how to enable premium ads on your Osclass website. Well, today we’re proud to announce some changes on our themes settings that will make it easier for you to display advertising on your website and, therefore, start monetizing your website. In our latest video tutorial we’ll show you how to configure ad management function, simply from your oc-admin. This new feature is ideal if you are using online advertising platforms such as Google Adsense, Tradedoubler, Commission Junction, among others, or other affiliation services.

You can easily implement Ad Management just by going to Dashboard → Appearance → Theme settings. Copy and paste the ad code wherever you want it to appear on your website: header, homepage, sidebar or search results – top or middle. Click on “Save changes” and go to your site to check that your ads are displaying correctly.

Heads up! So far, ad management function is only available on the following themes:

Screenshot 2014-11-04 17.20.58

Google Adsense on header and search results of a Bender Red theme


Screenshot 2014-11-04 17.32.20

 Google Adsense on header and sidebar of a Modern theme

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