New version available – download Osclass 3.2!

Thanks to all of you for your collaboration! You can download the latest version of Osclass 3.2.

What’s new?

  • Improvements on categories – up to four levels of subcategories (for example: Flats –> For Sale –> Offered –> 1 Bedroom/ 2 Bedroom/etc.);
  • Expiration date for a listing (till now you can do that only for the whole category);
  • Advertising by locations ( and categories;
  • Custom searchable fields (you will be able to personalize more searches), including date and date interval field;
  • Bender responsive theme as default theme;
  • Akismet for listings (added Akismet filter to new listings);
  • Expiration notice (emails to the users reminding them about the expiration date of each listing);
  • Added search filter to manage users;
  • Sending email to new admins created from oc-admin;
  • Manage users minor improvements (row colorsStatus , Link to public user profile);
  • Updated JQuery to 1.8;
  • New routes for plugins (here);
  • Override email from and email name from;
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Important: Please remember to update all the plugins to the latest version, otherwise, they won’t work! We also recommend to try out the new version on your personal pc, just in case something goes wrong.

How to update Osclass?

Just as a short reminder, you can do it automatically from your Dashboard → Tools → Upgrade Osclass, as once the new version is available, you should see a message to upgrade your Osclass (please note it might take 24 hours for a message to appear). Remember to back up your database and the folder oc-content before upgrading your Osclass installation. Or manually by downloading the latest version of Osclass, unpack the zip file and upload new files using FTP – replace oc-admin and oc-includes directories and subdirectories, and in the root directory (ajax.php, contact.php, index.php, item.php and so on). Do NOT delete config.php file. If you have permalinks enabled, you should disable it before updating Osclass. Then, update your installation, enter to the oc-admin at and it will appear a button to update your database if necessary. For more info please read this or visit our forum. Remember to take a backup of your database and files just in case you change your mind once upgraded. You can also have a look at our video tutorials.

Waiting for your feedback and suggestions for the next version! 😉

Download Osclass 3.2 

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12 Responses to New version available – download Osclass 3.2!

  1. Denny says:

    Thank you.

    For the new version.

    I will try it.

  2. johnnyebu says:

    Thanks! A big kudos to the team! More power to your elbow….

  3. Newbee says:

    hey thanks. Great work. You guys are ON DOT.
    3.2 is not updated in Bitnami stack technology link. atleast for windows. Kindly help. 🙂

  4. BbuySell says:

    how to use regional based search …..

  5. Gauteng says:

    Thank you guys! Keep it up!

  6. Juju says:


    do you know if a theme for France will be developed soon ?
    Thank you for your kind reply.

  7. Mathe Forum says:

    Cannot find the option “admins created from oc-admin”. Under “Users” I can only add “User” and “Company”…

    PS: Why does your don’t have an RSS feed?

  8. i also use os class but i face many problem with os class that is very good but i face some problem

  9. Thank you for new version… i miss osclass and their team… i will try. I steel new be, but, i like this progam. thanks again!

  10. Gluyk says:

    How to fix server to use region in sub-domain?

  11. Avesh says:

    Its good but can you include force validation by admin ? I mean first listing will be validate by user by email validation after that It will need approval from admin to get published live.