Osclass 3.2 RC – feel like helping?

As promised some time ago, we have Osclass 3.2 release candidate ready for download. IMPORTANT! Please bear in mind that we’ve eliminated many hooks and some of the plugins/themes may not work correctly or stop working at all for the moment (you can find the list of all plugins here). As always, we don’t recommend you to run the installation on a production website to test it, once we make sure there are no bugs the new official version will be released in the following days.

Osclass 3.2 RC highlights:

  • Expiration date for a listing (till now you can do that only for the whole category)
  • Advertising by regions (region1.osclass.org/region2.osclass.org)
  • Custom searchable fields (you will be able to personalize more searches)
  • Bender responsive theme as default theme
  • Akismet for listings, (added akismet filter to new listings)
  • Expiration notice (emails to the users reminding them about the expiration date of each listing)
  • Added search filter to manage users
  • Sending email to new admins created from oc-admin
  • Manage users minor improvements (row colorsStatus , Link to public user profile)
  • Updated JQuery to 1.8
  • New routes for plugins (here)
  • Override email from and email name from
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Download Osclass 3.2 RC 

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13 Responses to Osclass 3.2 RC – feel like helping?

  1. how to make subdomains of the regions ??

  2. desteban says:

    On the admin panel, under Settings > Advanced you could choose the type of subdomain you want.

    We’ll publish a tutorial on this topic very soon.


  3. thankx ! does it require any changes in our hosting or do we have to do any setting in our cpanel! as currently i am using it on localhost thus cannot check that

  4. tausif says:

    i was waiting since 1.5 years for this feature thanks a lot ,do i need to edit config.php after coying files to subdomain folder?

  5. Newbee says:

    You guys rock !! Thanks for addressing all the suggestions. OSCLASS is the best available classifieds software now.

  6. OSLover says:

    Thanks guys for the fantastic work. Can you please help me about sub domains. I can change the settings from Settings >Advanced but it’s not working. Do I need to create subdomains as well like region1.domain.com etc.

  7. Andrey says:

    Salve guys! Est autem quaestio non potderzhivayu omnia nova … Plugins sperare pro plug-ins, cum update Osclass 3.2

  8. You guys rock !! Thanks for addressing all the suggestions. OSCLASS is the best available classifieds software now.

  9. techified says:

    Where do I report bugs?

  10. desteban says:

    You could report any bug here : http://forums.osclass.org/3-2-x/

  11. jhon says:

    no metatags changes?!?! These is is major problem in SEO…

  12. testing2 says:

    Will 3.2.RC autoupdate when stable version is available ?