How to add custom fields to your listings?

Some time ago we have explained you all the settings available for listings on Osclass and how to personalize the way they display on your website. There is also a possibility to add custom fields – it means to create new fields for users to fill out when they publish a listing. It is especially useful when you require extra information from them when publishing a listing, for example: number of bedrooms in real estate classifieds website, fuel type in car listings, number of vacancies for jobs, etc.

To do so, access your Dashboard → Listings → Custom fields → Add new. Editing custom field is piece of cake:

  • Get the title for the field (it will appear on your website)
  • Choose a type of the field you want to add (you can choose between text, dropdown list, etc.)
  • If you want, you can make your custom field a required field by ticking a box below the type
  • Choose categories where you want the field to appear (you can choose all of them by clicking “check all”)
  • You can also edit the identifier name in advanced options

You can delete custom fields anytime, by clicking on Delete. Furthermore, since version 3.2, you can filter the listings according to the custom fields!

Want to see how easy is to create custom fields? Watch our video tutorial!

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