InMotion Hosting offers special discounts for Osclass users!

Today we have very good news for those of you who are still doubting about which web hosting service you should choose for your classifieds website with Osclass. InMotion Hosting is offering all Osclass users a 30% discount for their web hosting services! InMotion Hosting Team is now working to get some tutorials done regarding the installation of Osclass with their web hosting, so it’s easier for you to start your classified websites. We will let you know as soon as this part is done! That’s good news, isn’t it? Well, there are more! For each account created with InMotion Hosting by Osclass users, we are going to receive a part of the fee. It means that you not only get a discount for web hosting but we also get a part of the fee! So, it’s like indirect donation to our project! Maybe there’s not too much hope to become millionaires but it will definitely help to improve Osclass – and that’s what it’s all about 😉

About InMotion Hosting
You can learn more about the company on their website. We have tested their services ourselves and made sure that it meets all the requirements:

  • PHP version: 5.x or newer
  • MySQL database (or access to create one)
  • MySQLi module for PHP
  • GD module for PHP

What is more, we have been very happy with the customer support that has helped us to resolve our doubts.

30% discount with InMotion for Osclass users

Osclass does not provide web hosting services and all web hosting providers mentioned on Osclass website/forums are our personal opinion. Therefore, we do not take any guarantee for any of the external services.

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3 Responses to InMotion Hosting offers special discounts for Osclass users!

  1. While we work on getting some great tutorials up for Osclass users, feel free to stop by and ask us questions anytime!

    – Jacob
    – InMotion Hosting Customer Community

  2. fred says:

    please, how do i add the facebook like box into my site?

  3. aficionado says:

    Hello InMotion.

    What are the restrictions on the plans ? For example HopstGator has a processes limit on mysql and some CPU restrictions.

    And what is your php memory allowance per website ?