Set up your mail server for Osclass

Some of you have asked why you do not receive any verification emails once Osclass is installed. There are two possible options:

  • all the emails might go directly to your junk mail (that’s beyond our control – sorry!);
  • or because you have not set your mail server.

In this post we explain you how to do it! It will depend on the email server you have as some shared hosting have limited mail servers (you should bear in mind for example sending limits once you use mail services such as Gmail). However, once you get it, it’s really easy to configure it, in case of Google mail servers we even offer you a pre-filled configuration. You can find email configuration by accessing to your Osclass Dashboard –> General Settings –> Mail server options. If you have a Gmail account at then the configuration would go as below:

Server port: 465
Username: your username before the @ ( “yourname” )
Passsword: your password
Encryption: ssl
Check box for SMTP authentication checked

For custom mail server or troubles related to setting your mail server, please read our documentation here.

Still have doubts? Don’t worry, let’s show you this Osclass feature in action!

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