How to configure Facebook Connect plugin for Osclass?

Facebook Connect plugin allows users visiting your Osclass website to log into with their existing Facebook accounts.

How to start using Facebook plugin?
Go to your admin Dashboard → Plugins → Market and choose “Facebook Connect Plugin”. Download, install it and click on configure. You will see you will be asked for “appId” and “secret key”. You can obtain them both for free after signing up on this url* and creating a new app. Edit all the settings for the app, add site url, mark options you are interested in. You might be asked by Facebook to verify your account with your mobile number or credit card.

Settings available for Facebook app

Facebook appid

Once you have them, just introduce appId and secret to the fields below in your Dashboard → Plugins → Configure Facebook Connect Plugin.

appid secret

You should get the following message once it’s ready.

Facebook Plugin Image configured

Please note that in order to use Facebook login in your website you should include at least one facebook button for login (and logout). To do that you should copy this code: <?php fbc_button(); ?> to the header.php file in your theme (by default it’s /oc-content/themes/modern/header.php).

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