How to collaborate to Osclass?

Many of you contact us asking about the ways to collaborate to Osclass. We do our best to answer you back with all the guidelines individually. However, sometimes we just can’t make it because of a lack of time and that is why we have decided to prepare this short guideline with the ways you can collaborate to Osclass.

You can collaborate in five different ways:

  • Core (developments and/or bugfixes)
  • Plugins (create a new one or report a plugin error)
  • Themes (create a new one or report a theme error)
  • Translations (get Osclass in your language)
  • Donations (simply donate – every cent counts!)

If you are interested in any of them, just click on its name to find out more!
Remember that you can always contact us by email! Don’t let us down – we count on you!

Osclass need you - get involved!


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