OSClass vs. ClassiPress: which platform should you choose for your classifieds site?

This post is written by Navjot Tomer, the owner of Tuffclassified.

When I started tuffclassified.com I needed a simple, easy-to-use script to build a classifieds portal, and I came across ClassiPress. For 2-3 years everything went reasonably well, and I learned a lot of amazing things through being a webmaster. But after some time, I came to the realization that ClassiPress is not able to cope with the high volume of traffic and listings that came with my site’s growth. So I started the search for another classifieds script, and I found a free open-source classifieds script called OSClass. It was exactly what I was looking for. Tuffclassifieds is now running on OSClass, and I’m able to provide a comparison and explain why I chose OSClass over ClassiPress.



  1. The biggest advantage of ClassiPress is its WordPress backend. You can customize your ClassiPress installation and add features with just a few clicks thanks to the thousands of plugins that are in the WordPress ecosystem.
  2. ClassiPress has very well commented and structured code, so a novice PHP developer can easily customize it to his/her needs.
  3. Integrated Google Checkout/ PayPal payment gateways, manageable through an easy-to-understand dashboard. Customizable ad posting form and custom fields, as well as a multistep category selection.
  4. ClassiPress has very advanced search options necessary for any classified portal.


  1. The WordPress database structure is not optimized for heavy transaction based database queries. Too much of the information is in a single table, which is ok for blog publishing purposes but can prove disastrous for a classifieds platform, which uses mainly transactional queries as opposed to selective queries.
  2. An aggressive database abstraction layer is great for newbie and non-technical users, but it’s also slow. With a high volume of ads and visits, a WordPRess database can become too busy and cluttered.
  3. Dependence on the WordPress platform. ClassiPress can’t increase its performance because it has to deal with WordPress’ database structure, whereas OSClass developers can deal with performance issues head-on.



  1. It’s not just a theme that will be based on any third-party CMS system. Actually, the whole CMS is created to be used for the needs of any general classifieds system. It supports a growing collection of plugins and themes, built by community members.
  2. It’s quite a bit faster than its WordPress counterpart. It has a well-structured database, queries are fast and pages are quick to generate.
  3. OSClass is open-source and free, that’s hard to resist! And it includes all the features that any general classifieds portal needs.
  4. The dashboard is easy-to-use: it allows you to effortlessly manage all your plugins, listings, comments and OSClass itself.


  1. The UI where you manage listings and comments could use some improvement. It’s manageable for listings (and much better than WordPress) but comment moderation is not as good as it could be, especially when managing hundreds of comments.
  2. Search result accuracy could improve as well. It’s a very important feature for classifieds sites. Integration with Sphinx Search server like is used at Craigslist could be an option.
  3. User roles would be appreciated, in order to establish different tasks for different users. A single administration option is ok if the site is managed by a single person, but when managing single-handedly is not possible, multiple user roles would be great.

Final thoughts

In my three-year experience with ClassiPress, everything was manageable until we hit 400,000 listings. After that, I switched to OSClass and it’s handling +19,000 users daily (generating over 56,000 pageviews a day) and over a thousand new listings every day with minimal resources. ClassiPress is adequate for sites with a local or small community, and WordPress backend and features are unparalleled, but I wouldn’t recommend it for a large-scale project. For my needs, OSClass is the best solution for a highly active and popular classifieds portal, due to its well-structured database and scaling.

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16 Responses to OSClass vs. ClassiPress: which platform should you choose for your classifieds site?

  1. Ganda Cena says:

    Nice article, great to see that OSClass is a well built CMS, and the SEO? i think wordpress is a bit better than OSClass in SEO, am i right?

  2. Monolo100 says:

    I have long been attentive to the evolution and OSClass work, I would like to know if there is a migration to OSClass WP?

  3. euluism says:

    Long life to OSClass

  4. Juan Ramón says:

    @Ganda Cena: You’re right, WP is ahead of OSClass in terms of SEO. It’s going to be one of the big changes in 3.0 (next version)
    @Manolo100: Not yet. But we plan to do first a import plugin from ClassiPress and then from WP.

    Some comments about the post:
    – By default we use Full Text search, by MySQL. It’s not the best search engine, but it’s quite good for a start. We have in mind to add more search engines. Perhaps not by default, but have the possibility to use Sphinx, Solr or other search engines.
    – In version 2.4 we’ve made some changes in the UI of the oc-admin. In version 3.0 we plan to improve even more the UI and UX of the admin.

  5. Navjot Tomer says:

    Please keep in mind that this article is written under the impression of version 2.3.7 and many things have been improved in latest version.

  6. Robinson says:


    Someone have a cool theme? I am building my website, but I don’t know css, html, php and I don’t like OSClass’s themes.

  7. Shahzad says:

    I use OSClass and Recomended also OSClass

  8. Alex A. says:

    WordPress is very heavy system. A lot of unnecessary code. A terrible system.

  9. Fernando says:

    I evaluated both and a year ago I picked OSClass. I have not looked back. As a mater of fact, my new system will have OSClass as the classified engine.

    I already have two system in places in Flea Markets and both have been working great…. more to come..

    Keep up the good work guys.

  10. Sanjeev says:

    Really great article. I’m using osclass from last 1 years. Actually I was using previous osclass version and was few problem according my needs (i.e. website link in custom field), but when I read this article, I changed into latest version and It’s working fine as per my hope.

  11. Alex A. says:

    The system works smoothly, is reliable. I take a very long time. Thanks to the developers for the wonderful script message boards.

  12. Alan says:

    Hi Navjot, Which theme are you using for your site? I’m quite impress your theme. I’m thinking to change the theme to my classified site. marketplacedb.com .Is it premium theme or your customized theme ?

  13. Navjot Tomer says:

    @Alan This is a customized version of Modern OSclass theme.

  14. hello navjot tomer and others,
    how can i get in touch with the right people to get the customized version of Modern OSclass theme? please send to my gmail. thanks.

  15. Jan says:

    Osclass is the best open classfield… Osc RULES!

  16. anto says:

    i am looking indonesia osclass forum, i have difficult change category to my language