Downtime in all of our sites

During this morning our sites had been offline for some hours (starting at approximately 7 am UTC+1). All of this started with an overload of our server that had forced us to reboot the machine. After that, we saw that most of the files were gone. So, we download our backups from S3 and restored them. However, the last backups weren’t correct and we had to use a backup from October.

How it will affect you? All the attached files in the forum since October/November are missing. So, if you have attached files in the forum you should upload them again.

Please, contact us if you see something inusual. We’re still recovering: and download packages from Sorry for the inconvenience, we are going to improve our backup system and recovery from this kind of failures.

Update 23 January 2011 16:36 (UTC+1): demo sites and are working fine again.

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10 Responses to Downtime in all of our sites

  1. Guilherme Matos de Menezes says:

    Hello friends, good night, I wonder why when we send an email by OS-class for the publisher it does not return.

    I’m from Brazil.

    Note: do not speak English so I used the google translator.

    thank you

  2. Juan Ramón says:

    @Guilherme Matos de Menezes: please, post this problems in the forum.

  3. adarsh says:


    I just payed for premium support for a year…but I have no idea who to contact or how to get help installing osclass(which premium support is supposed to provide?)

    somebody please help 🙁

  4. Juan Ramón says:

    @adarsh: you got an e-mail 🙂

  5. Thilak says:

    I really appreciate your feedback on this. Thats why i really count on osclass for my classified needs than other premium solutions. osclass is promising and the staffs are looking responsive. keep the sprit.

  6. edu says:

    crei o
    ja foi tudo intalado porem a confiruração parou em categoria a nada mais aconteceu

    recebi o email de que tudo estava funcionando e que eu acesse o painel de adminitração porem onde esta esse painel adm ??

    Welcome Digital Recreio Anuncios Classificados,
    Your OSClass installation at is up and running. You can access to the administration panel with this data access:
    The OSClass team

  7. Juan Ramón says:

    @edu: For access to admin panel add oc-admin at your site url

    Please, ask in the forum your doubts.

  8. Mihael says:

    I have this website and i can’t make update . What is the problem ?

  9. Juan Ramón says:

    @Mihael: Please, post this question in the forum providing more information.

  10. Mihael says:

    sorry I did it. thanks.