OSClass 2.3.3

Release highlights:

  • Removed upgrade and upgrade-plugins files
  • Minor fix when editing the comments in oc-admin
  • Minor fix in the installation process if the config.php file exists

If you’re updating OSClass and it’s not a clean installation, please, remove the following files:

  • oc-admin/themes/modern/tools/upgrade-plugins.php
  • oc-admin/upgrade-plugin.php
  • oc-admin/upgrade.php

It’s important to remove this files for security reasons. For security issues of OSClass you should send an e-mail with the details to security [at] osclass.org. Include as much detail as you can. Please, you should not publish the details.


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3 Responses to OSClass 2.3.3

  1. Rui Tiago says:

    Hi Juan Ramón,

    Thanks for the update, great software, i just started now but i already love it, please make some premium quality themes for osclass, many people dont care to pay 30$ for a theme and you guys really deserve to be paid for your hard work.


  2. Yurichson says:


    a great software however my drop down menu to select “Country” is not working.
    Kindly comment.

    Thank you.

  3. carlos says:

    @Yurichson, hi please can you make a post at http://forums.osclass.org and we will help you. Thanks for for your comment and for using osclass.