OSClass 2.3.2

Release highlights:

  • Delete images when editing an item from oc-admin
  • Change type of the column s_what in t_item_description
  • Modified in the upgrade the type of s_what column in t_item_description
  • Don’t duplicate items in main page with more than one language
  • Fixed some bugs in the update from versions previous to 2.3
  • Added missing helper: osc_search_region

Full changelog

We strongly recommend to install this plugin once to fix some problems that some user might be experiencing when adding new items. Once it’s installed, you can uninstall and delete the files from the server because it won’t perform any changes more. In addition, this new version should fix the problems that some users have been experiencing when they updated their OSClass.


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12 Responses to OSClass 2.3.2

  1. Curzio R. says:

    updating from 2.3.1 to 2.3.2 I get this error when I visit http://xxxxxxx.com/oc-admin/upgrade.php

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function osc_renderAdminSection() in /var/www/virtual/xxxx/htdocs/oc-admin/upgrade.php on line 167

    Regards and thanks in advance.

  2. Juan Ramón says:

    @Curzio R.: You shouldn’t visit these url. See the instructions in our wiki: http://wiki.osclass.org/Updating_OSClass

    Let me know if you’ve seen somewhere that you should visit these url.

  3. Curzio R. says:

    Thank you, it went ok!

    Oh, and can you please delete my website url from the error url from my previous post and make this post private.


  4. Is this a full version of OSCLASS or just a plugin?

  5. Haider says:

    Hey Juan could you please tell me when are you releasing OSClass with fulltext search feature? I couldn’t find it in even v2.3.2.

  6. desteban says:

    Hi Pedro Morales,
    This is also the full version as well as an update for your all one.

    Hi Haider,
    Fulltext search is included in 2.3 ans following version. The engine of t_item_description should be MyISAM, also in search.php line 174 should be something like this : $this->mSearch->addConditions(sprintf(“MATCH(d.s_title, d.s_description) AGAINST(‘%s’ IN BOOLEAN MODE)”, $p_sPattern));
    Those are indicators of FULLTEXT search you may have. (more modifications have to be done). So probably you already have FULLTEXT search enabled if you have 2.3.x version unless you didn’t upgrade.

  7. Dionisios Panageas says:

    I am in Greece, I want to set up this as a barter site for people to put in their items, but it has (In my opinion) to do the “offer and sell” from the front end as an option to the visitor to browse the categories, which will give him this option rather than doing a search. What can i do?
    I have thought to set up 2 set ups and a front page but since I don’t know much about
    programming what about the members database would i need for them to “sign up” 2 times?
    Any help or comments appreciated,
    Thank you again, (the first thank you is for the program)
    Dionisios Panageas

  8. Juan Ramón says:

    I’d rather do two parent categories: “Buy” and “Sell” and then put the subcategories.

  9. Needle says:

    If i update from 2.3 to 2.3.2 then replace some directory of my actually osClass, I could lose the mod I’ve made to modern template ???

  10. Juan Ramón says:

    @Needle: In that case, you should replace all the files except the modern folder.

    See more information about the updates here: http://wiki.osclass.org/Updating_OSClass

  11. Hi Ramon,
    Please take a look at my opening page. You will notice what I am getting for “Prices”.
    Second and most important for you is the “Footer Link” to you.
    This is an installation i did last week which is working on Greek language “Public” and English on admin.
    It was a 2.3 installation, upgrade to 2.3.1 and yesterday to 2.3.2
    I had not entered anything for “Prices” until yesterday before upgrade to 2.3.2 and I was getting the same as what you see.
    Also take a look at the “Source Page”and see that the writing for the widget is writing in other code and everything is to UTF8.
    Re-install maybe?
    Thank you,
    Dionisios Panageas

  12. Juan Ramón says:

    @Dionisios: you should change your currency format. You must go to Manage languages > Languages > Edit language and use the following currency format: {NUMBER} {CURRENCY}.