Pay per publish and premium ads plugin

Most of you are requesting this feature since a long time. So, we’re working on a plugin that will allow you to charge fees to publish an ad or to have premium ads. Premium ads appear more often than the normal ones, i.e.: at the top of the search page. So users, paying a small fee could get more visits to their ads.

The plugin will have the following features (but not limited to):

  • Allow users to pay per publish (require a small fee for publish an item)
  • Allow premium ads
  • Each category has its own publish fee (publish an item in category A could be different from doing the same in category B)
  • Each category has its own premium fee (same as above)
  • The plugin works for both, registered and unregistered users
  • Custom options in user’s dashboard
  • Uses Paypal’s API for instant payment, no waiting (more payment options will be added in the future).
  • Built-in “credit” system, users could buy a “pack” or credit to avoid paying each time

Of course, your opinion is important to us. We want to know your opinion and which features and suggestion you have for the plugin.

Finally, we’ve changed our demo and now there are four demos:

  • Horizontal: Similar to craiglist, olx.. It has all the categories
  • Job board: Specialized in jobs. It uses job board plugin
  • Cars: Specialized in cars. It uses cars plugin
  • Real estate: Specialized in real estate. It uses real estate plugin

Moreover, remember that we’ve made available facebook plugin so you can try it out.

P.S.: We’ve already have three translations of version 2.1: swedish, greek and czech. Thanks to everyone!

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33 Responses to Pay per publish and premium ads plugin

  1. where I can download the plugin payments / de donde bajo el pligin de pago

  2. Vic says:


  3. Adam says:

    Sucess! :}

  4. SilkTech says:

    Annual fees could be useful for registered users, which means that a user can pay an annual fee and publish unlimited ads during that period.

  5. gmlala says:

    And when we’re able to charge, I’m sure that we will funnel some of that cash your way! So hurry!!! 🙂

  6. stanley says:

    This is a cool feature that will rock. Please i want to know if users can subscribe for a month, 3 months, 6months or 12 months. Thanks

  7. Norbert says:

    I like the idea to have a Premium or preferred ad. However, being they way I am, I think leaving a choice to the user would be nice.
    What I mean:
    Free ad posting –> No charge, expires after 7 days or?, and gets removed.
    Preferred ad posting –> Small fee and the ad stays until sold. No additional charge.
    Premium ad posting –> Fee is charged, the post will be among the top but removed after 7 days ?
    Member ad posting –> Membership fee, no expiration and with the top, highly visible, perhaps in a rotation.

    It’s just a thought, this way I think a user can decide for them self what is worth to them.


  8. Paulo jose says:

    Muito interesante, quando posso saber se ja esta pronto,pesso lhe que me envia email, quando o plugin pagamentos estiver pronto, e como faço pra instalar.

  9. When will this plugin be finished. I have a client at the website i posted who would like to charge people to pay for ads.

  10. I hope this week it will be a beta version and in two week at most the stable version.

  11. Marcelo Suguita says:

    Hello everyone,
    I’m willing to beta test if needed and will be available soon osclass the translation in Portuguese (Brazil) really is a great system. (Sorry my english) I think that not only use the system is necessary to contribute to the development of it, so I’m making a small contribution.

  12. Marcelo, a tradução para o português da versão 2.1 já está pronta. Eu sou um dos tradutores. Qualquer dúvida ou ajuda a mais seja bem vindo !
    Marcelo, the portuguese translation is already available for 2.1 version. I am one translator among others. Any question or help is very good to community !

  13. Marcelo Suguita says:

    André,já tinha visto a tradução do osclass,mas me refiro ao plugin “Pay per Publish “de qualquer forma caso necessite de ajuda na tradução estarei a disposição!

    Hello again, I had already seen the translation of osclass, but I mean the plugin “Pay Per Publish” in any way if you need help in translation will be available!

  14. Salman Alfarisi says:

    Horray! I finish my work. I’ve translated OSClass into Bahasa Indonesia. Let’s get rock Indonesia and being participator to OSClass. Get Rock Juan Ramon…!!!! See you in the next couple days. I still try to setup OSClass in my localhost.

  15. Salman Alfarisi says:

    Hi Juan,

    I’ve download Indonesian language. If there was some methods how to translate plugin, please send me information. By the way, how to install OSClass in local host using xampp? Thank you for allow me to participate in OSClass.

  16. Vic says:

    hey, is the paypal/premium beta coming out this week????

  17. Milton says:

    Estoy haciendo una pruebas con el sistema me gustaría saber como puedo hacer que en la creación de los clasificados la opción or defecto donde se pone el título y la descripción sea la de español y no la de ingles.

  18. @Milton: deberías poner por defecto el idioma español en el oc-admin (General Settings > General Settings) y además desactivar el inglés si no quieres usarlo.

  19. Mário says:

    the plugin already exist? that’s exactly what i need.
    There is an plugin that will let-me have an “Make me an offer” option?
    And how hard will be to make an plugin that will only let users to contact the seller after a payment?

    PS: why dont you let 3rd party create plugins and sell them here and charge them for a commission to help you keep up with the bills? ex: opencart

  20. Mário says:

    i’m thinking in using this platform for my boss but i really need that plugin.
    If he decide to accept this platform i will send you 25€.

  21. desteban says:

    Hi Mario,

    The plugin already exists and will be release this week (beta version) and next week (stable version) along with the new version (2.2) of OSClass.

    We don’t have any “make me an offer” plugin yet, but we appreciate your suggestion, it’s a great idea an we should develop one.

    We also let everyone develop as much plugins and themes as they want to, at no cost for them, free. OSClass is open source, you could download it for free and modify it if you want to, we also offer a plugin API, some documentation and free support on our forums. There’re several users who already contribute and share their themes and plugins (take a look at our forums ) and we did not charge them nor you for anything.

    If you really need some customization, you could consider “hiring us” for doing the job (OSClass is already free, so you’ve already saved a lot of money!!), if not, we’ll be glad to help you!!

    Thanks again for the idea!

  22. Mário says:

    Yes nice one i’m already playing around with with your script and so far so good.
    It’s really easy to play with and fast.
    If we decide to use your script (probably yes) i’m sure we will need some customization.

    Glad i could help with an Idea!

  23. rainilson says:

    in the Brazil we are very anxious, We posed the plugin to charge a small fee for classified in the spotlight, the system itself and note the absence in 1000 so this plugin

  24. adnen says:

    When will this plugin be finished.

  25. @adnen: You can download this plugin here: You should use OSClass 2.2+ because in previous versions it doesn’t work.

  26. Muyi says:

    Do you have any plans for other payment methods other than Paypal?

  27. @Muyi: right now no. Any suggestion?

  28. Hello!!

    I have one idea for the next version!

    In my site I add a Pagseguro Gateway of Payments… so the users can sell itens in my classifields!


    The user enter a emails login of Pagseguro when publishing the iten and can sell!

    Ana Rosa klinke

  29. vivek says:

    Can the premium advertisement be of 2 or category? can the user have option to subscribe to 1 month or 2 months premium?
    Please advice how to do that…

  30. @vivek: If you download the plugin, you’ll see all the information in the help section.

  31. vivek says:

    @Juan: I dont find any help section in the plugins.
    I want 2 subscription levels. eg: 7 days =$7 and 14 days=$10. Please help me derive this. Appreciate your help and time.