Make your classifieds pop!

pop theme

We are proud to present the first premium theme by Osclass team: Pop theme. Give your Osclass a fresh new look with this slick and fully responsive theme.

Launch offer! Enjoy Pop theme at 50% off and pay only 25$. Limited-time offer!

Check out its amazing features:

  • 100% responsive and mobile friendly design.

  • One page. All your listings in one single page. Infinite scroll!

  • Ads ready. Monetize it from the very first minute!

  • Custom colors. Give it your own style! Select among different colors and customise it as you wish.

  • Public user profile.

  • Sharing options. Share users’ profile and ads through social media or send them to friends via email.

  • Compatible with all web browsers (all last versions, at least)

  • Google maps integration. Display the location of users and ads.

and much more!

Wait, there’s more…If your classifieds website is configured for just one country, user registration and ad posting forms will directly show region and city fields. Ain’t it cool? Also, you can enjoy Pop theme fully translated into Spanish! Just click on this link, then on “Export” and select Spanish language. Want Pop theme in another language? Drop us a line at and help us translate it. Learn more on how to translate Osclass themes and plugins on this article.

Hurry up! Get it now for 25$ and save 50% off!

And add a pop touch to your classifieds site!

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Why you should go over to Bitcoin


Are you considering going over to Bitcoins? There’s a large number of people who are increasingly relying on this digital currency, created and held electronically. We at Osclass are specially fond of this currency as it is produced by a mathematical formula on open source software programs. Whether you are already using this currency or have just discovered it today but want to be at the forefront of the latest technology, you may want to install Trezor connect plugin.

Thanks to TREZOR Connect plugin, admins can now add Sign in with TREZOR button to their sites with just a few clicks and enable their users to login securely without password.

But, what is TREZOR? TREZOR is a single purpose device which allows you to make secure Bitcoin transactions. With TREZOR, transactions are completely safe even when initiated on a compromised or vulnerable computer. Yes, you’ve guessed it. It’s indispensable to have a TREZOR device in order to fully benefit of this plugin.

How to install?

Just go to Osclass Market and download Trezor connect plugin. It’s free!
Go to your oc-admin → Plugins and install Trezor connect.
Note that you will need to modify your theme with a single line to let the login button appear. Login buttons are usually located at header.php and at user-login.php.

Please add the following to your theme in the place you want to show the button:
<?php osc_run_hook('trezor_button'); ?>

It will show as follows:

Sign in with TREZORWhat is TREZOR?

Button will be created inside a <div id="trezor_button"></div>, you may want to add some rules in your stylesheets to place it correctly in your theme.
Once installed, and before you can Sign in with TREZOR, you have to link your TREZOR to your account
Also, remember that if you’re upgrading from 1.1.0 version, disable and re-enable the plugin after the update.

Want to learn more about Bitcoins? We recommend you reading this article.


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New themes and plugins for FREE!

Best plugins in life are for free! Well, we know that’s not what the official quote says, but applies very well to our new Market arrivals. Of the 4 products that we have included to Osclass Market this week, 3 of them are free. This means you can have them installed on your classifieds website in just one click! Also, being these products free, there’s no need to worry about the money. Download whichever you prefer and try it on your Osclass installation. Maybe you get surprised of how much it brings to your site! And what about the fourth product? – you’ll be wondering. Well, it’s a fully-responsive and mobile-friendly theme for just 1$. Yes, no mistake here! Who said themes have to be expensive?

So, come over to Osclass Market and browse our latest products! No matter what your classifieds site is about. We’re convinced you’ll find something that will blow your mind.


unit theme Unit (only for $1)

Fully responsive and mobile-friendly theme. Smoothly adapted to any screen resolution and device.We hope you will enjoy using Unit template’s easy to navigate and user-friendly layout and yet developer friendly code.

  Marketica (FREE)

Free, fully responsive, mobile-friendly theme based on Bender. Smoothly adapted to any screen resolution and device.

Not exactly what you’re looking for? Take a look at these and more of our latest themes at Osclass Market.


Trezor Connect (FREE)

Enable Trezor connect on your website and let your users login fast and secure without passwords.

Database Log Table (FREE)

Plugin will help admin with cleanup and maintenance of t_log table. Supports both manual and auto/cron cleanup tasks.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Then browse among other cool plugins at Osclass Market.

Want to share your plugins and themes? Submit them on Osclass Market!
Uh-oh…Not registered yet? Become an Osclass developer!

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Take your classifieds to the next level!

Having a feeling that your classifieds site lacks something?

Maybe is that responsive touch. Or maybe you feel your users would take advantage of locating their ads geographically. Maybe your website traffic has grown so much, you’ve realised you need some automatic monitoring for listings. Whatever it is you need now or will need, we have it at Osclass Market. Here, developers from all over the world have designed outstanding solutions for Osclass. So whenever you feel you want to take your website to the next level, feel free to come over and browse our wide range of themes and plugins. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find that “something” you have been looking for. What we are super confident is that, once you add them to your site, you will definitely feel the difference.

Want to see what’s just arrived in store this week?


  Next Revo

Responsive theme for computers, laptops, netbooks, tablets and smartphones. Advertise management, popular ads, slider for premium ads and more.

Not exactly what you’re looking for? Take a look at these and more of our latest themes at Osclass Market.



Too many expired or spam listings? It’s been ages since they registered and there are still lots of non-activated users and listings?

Ring the bell! Here comes Butler plugin to clean your classifieds website for you.
This plugin will help you get rid of the dreadful task of manually reviewing those listings and users.

 lz map search Lz Map Search

You can now have a map enabled in your search page with the click of a button! The Lz Map Search plugin gives you a fully responsive map search page that can substitute your default search page. No matter what theme are you using, just enable it, choose your mode and you’re done!

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Then browse among other cool plugins at Osclass Market.

Want to share your plugins and themes? Submit them at Osclass Market!
Uh-oh…Not registered yet? Become an Osclass developer!

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Butler plugin: cleans expired and spam listings


Have you ever entered your oc-admin and felt like in your own bedroom? No offense intended, but we all know that great geniuses are often accompanied by a certain untidiness. We also know that the more traffic you get to your Osclass website, the more you’ll need to automate user and listing management. Specially, for those expired and spam listings that are heaping out in your database. If this is your case, Osclass has developed the perfect solution for you: Butler plugin.

You can set our Butler to automatically clean your website. Just ring the bell! Well, ring it and also set up some rules for automatic deletion. Butler plugin will help you clean the following data:

  • Ads: expired, spam and non-activated
  • Users: non-activated

screenshot screenshot2

Butler plugin will automatically delete those listings after the number of days you have set. You can also configure a maximum number of listings that will be deleted each time. It’s ideal if you have a high traffic website and will definitely help you gain more free space.

Please note that in order to work properly, cron or auto-cron must be enabled, being your system cron the preferred method.

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