Take your classifieds to the next level!

Having a feeling that your classifieds site lacks something?

Maybe is that responsive touch. Or maybe you feel your users would take advantage of locating their ads geographically. Maybe your website traffic has grown so much, you’ve realised you need some automatic monitoring for listings. Whatever it is you need now or will need, we have it at Osclass Market. Here, developers from all over the world have designed outstanding solutions for Osclass. So whenever you feel you want to take your website to the next level, feel free to come over and browse our wide range of themes and plugins. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find that “something” you have been looking for. What we are super confident is that, once you add them to your site, you will definitely feel the difference.

Want to see what’s just arrived in store this week?


  Next Revo

Responsive theme for computers, laptops, netbooks, tablets and smartphones. Advertise management, popular ads, slider for premium ads and more.

Not exactly what you’re looking for? Take a look at these and more of our latest themes at Osclass Market.



Too many expired or spam listings? It’s been ages since they registered and there are still lots of non-activated users and listings?

Ring the bell! Here comes Butler plugin to clean your classifieds website for you.
This plugin will help you get rid of the dreadful task of manually reviewing those listings and users.

 lz map search Lz Map Search

You can now have a map enabled in your search page with the click of a button! The Lz Map Search plugin gives you a fully responsive map search page that can substitute your default search page. No matter what theme are you using, just enable it, choose your mode and you’re done!

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Then browse among other cool plugins at Osclass Market.

Want to share your plugins and themes? Submit them at Osclass Market!
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Butler plugin: cleans expired and spam listings


Have you ever entered your oc-admin and felt like in your own bedroom? No offense intended, but we all know that great geniuses are often accompanied by a certain untidiness. We also know that the more traffic you get to your Osclass website, the more you’ll need to automate user and listing management. Specially, for those expired and spam listings that are heaping out in your database. If this is your case, Osclass has developed the perfect solution for you: Butler plugin.

You can set our Butler to automatically clean your website. Just ring the bell! Well, ring it and also set up some rules for automatic deletion. Butler plugin will help you clean the following data:

  • Ads: expired, spam and non-activated
  • Users: non-activated

screenshot screenshot2

Butler plugin will automatically delete those listings after the number of days you have set. You can also configure a maximum number of listings that will be deleted each time. It’s ideal if you have a high traffic website and will definitely help you gain more free space.

Please note that in order to work properly, cron or auto-cron must be enabled, being your system cron the preferred method.

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sweetCaptcha, load more listings, reminders for forgetful users…

Packing for the weekend? Why don’t you stroll by Osclass Market and see our latest arrivals?

Install sweetCaptcha on your website and give your users a friendlier and nicer CAPTCHA (there are hundreds of funny combinations!). Set email reminders for your users. Tired of waiting? Load more listings by simply scrolling down the page. Your listings are a success? Display the number of contacts in a listing and start measuring your success!

These are only some of the features you can add with our new themes and plugins. So, before closing your suitcase, take a look around Osclass Market and get yourself amazed! We’re convinced you’ll find something that fits perfectly well with your classifieds site.



Responsive theme with custom header, customisable homepage, products and colours. It also includes SEO admin panel, ads manager and slider for images and products. Clean and responsive design.

 clean_theme Clean

Clean is a Bootstrap based responsive theme for Osclass. It can be used for general classifieds directories and can be also used for niche directories. Lot more new features are coming soon and all future upgrades are free (included with purchase).

Not exactly what you’re looking for? Take a look at these and more of our latest themes at Osclass Market.


admin tools login_plugin Admin tools login

This plugin allows you to quickly swap between user accounts in Osclass at the click of a button. You’ll be instantly logged out and logged in as your desired user.
Useful for test environments where you regularly log out and in between different accounts or for administrators who need to switch between multiple accounts.

Ajax Load MoreAjax Load More is a simple yet powerful solution for lazy loading Osclass listings with Ajax. With this plugin your Osclass site will load more listings as the user scrolls the page.
sweetCaptcha for Osclass

sweetCaptcha is a fresh, friendly, action-based CAPTCHA service that’s easy for you to add to your website and less frustrating for users to solve than difficult-to-decipher text-based CAPTCHAs

Contact counter

Your listings are a success? This plugin helps administrators know how many times a listing has been contacted.
You can know how many times a user has contacted another, just by searching for the listing or the user, or even know the total contacts over the time.

Email reminder

The perfect plugin for forgetful users! Remind users to share on social networks, validate their accounts or listings, send a summary of your site statistics… and much more!

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Then browse among other cool plugins at Osclass Market.

Want to share your plugins and themes? Submit them on Osclass Market!
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Let them pay with Authorize.net!

You asked. We provide. Osclass Payments Pro plugin now also includes Authorize.net among the available payment gateways.

authorize.net checkout

As promised, we are adding more payment systems to our leading plugin so you can offer your users a wide variety of options when posting or purchasing their premium ads.

Remember that, to enable Authorize.net as a payment method, first you’ll need to sign up for a merchant account on their website. In this way, you’ll get the required API login ID as well as the API transaction key.


Need some testing? You can also use the Authorize.net sandbox to test anything you want before going live. Note that in order to use Authorize.net sandbox, first you’ll need to modify your TEST/LIVE status at Authorize.net.

Want to suggest some other popular payment gateway? Feel free to comment on this article!

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Update your plugin / theme version!

You are already an expert in the art of selling on Osclass Market. You have developed outstanding themes and plugins. You have uploaded your products to our marketplace and you’ve tasted success, looking at your products’ downloads and sales stats. But you are the hard-working type and keep improving your creations. Now you’ve come up with a new version of your favourite theme/plugin and want to make it available to everyone on Osclass Market. Here are a few suggestions on how best to update your product version:

add new file
Always add new version files through “Add new file” button, on “My products” tab.

Remember that if you “Edit” an existing version, this one becomes blocked. Now, we’ve enhanced the system so that when an existing version is being edited, the latest (non-blocked) version is available for download.

Bottom line? When adding a new product version, we always recommend you to add new file versions instead of editing existing files. In this way, users will always have access to the latest version of your products, while you are adding the new one.

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