Market developers get their first earnings!

It’s been 3 months since Osclass Market welcomed paid themes and plugins. Now the time has come for our developers to collect their earnings! We are glad to say that this month we will be sending our developers their first earnings, as a result of their successful sales of their paid themes and plugins.

Congrats to all of you! You have helped our Market grow little by little through creating great tools to customise Osclass websites.
Since we first released premium items, Osclass Market has welcomed 8 paid plugins and 4 paid themes. We pride ourselves of adding the best products, through careful review and approval. So if you already have send us your creations and haven’t heard of us, please be patient. We do our best to review the large amount of items uploaded daily, in order to deliver top quality on our Market.

Have you developed Osclass themes or plugins? So, why don’t you send them to us? You will be selling your creations on Osclass Market, the best and the only official showcase for Osclass plugins and themes with more than 1 Million downloads. Sign in now and upload your items!

Not a registered developer yet? Sign up on Osclass Market!

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Kick “Blue Monday” with our newest Market items!

Can’t you feel it in your bones? Feeling a little blue today? Well, it seems to be a different explanation, apart from the usual lack-of-coffee/sleep or OMGIM complaints. According to some “mathematical” formula today is “Blue Monday”, the most depressing day of the year . Why? Far from being related to witchery or astronomical events, it seems to be the result of a logic combination: post-holidays depression, consequent economic scarcity on our wallets and weather conditions . True or not, we know the best way to kick-start your week. Go window-shopping through our Market and find the latest themes and plugins to dress your Osclass website!

Check out the latest plugins and themes uploaded to Osclass Market:



A unique, simple and elegant theme for your classified site!


emailmagick Email Magick

Design and translate emails for Osclass all in one place without opening billions of tabs or copy-pasting everything around.
Because working with emails was hard but that was before.

Want to share your plugins and themes? Submit them on Osclass Market!
Not registered yet? Become an Osclass developer!

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Elasticsearch and Osclass, the perfect couple!

We don’t stop seeing amazing websites built with Osclass! Our showcase is shinning with skilfulness, hard work and good taste. Ok, we may be showing off a little bit but we are excited to discover outstanding pieces of work using our software. Check them out!

Screenshot 2015-01-14 13.51.22
The first classifieds website dedicated exclusively to fish keeping in Spain.
The site includes a store directory for over 180 aquatic stores.
Built with Elasticsearch and with a slick design, this website offers the possibility to search products per stores, locations, categories, brands,etc.
Screenshot 2015-01-14 18.19.34
Not happy with that present your mother gave you?
Troc-cadeaux is the place where you can post and find free classifieds for any kind of deal: exchange, barter, sale and resale of Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, Valentine’s Day, etc.
Screenshot 2015-01-14 19.11.14
A classifieds site for the local market in Indonesia. Users can buy or sell new or used items on this website.
This website has a lot of categories such as vehicles, electronics, gadgets, property,jobs, offer services, smartphones, Office equipment, bicycles, etc. Users can sign up using social media like Facebook.

As you may have seen, this week we are especially glad to include the first Osclass website using Elasticsearch.

You may be wondering what is so fantastic about this Elasticsearch. Well, it is an open-source search server based on Apache Lucene. The beauty of this search engine is that it allows faceted search on your website, so that users will be able to explore a collection of information by successively applying filters in whatever order they choose. So, Elasticsearch is perfect if you want to help your users to quickly and precisely find what they are looking, as they will be able to filter their search according to your categorised content. Easy to install, simple-to-use and built to scale (you’ll love that as much as we do).

GitHub, The Guardian, MercadoLibre and, among others, are already using it! Give it a try!

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Latest Market updates: OpenStreetMap plugin and new languages

Screenshot 2015-01-09 13.07.37

New year always comes with new goals and a refreshing sense of start from scratch. We are glad to begin 2015 with new incorporations to our Market!

And the award for the the first plugin of 2015 goes to…OpenStreetMaps. This plugin will show OpenStreetMap map for each item of your classifieds website. If you want to see more of maps plugins for Osclass, just visit our Market and filter plugins by Maps category.

Vil du se OSClass på dansk? Well, we have good news for you. Osclass is now available in Danish! Download Danish language pack from our Market! We have to thank for that to sveva and larsgrove users for their kind contribution. Furthermore, we have updated Chinese (Taiwan) and it is now fully available for 3.5 version.

Still haven’t seen Osclass in your favourite language? Contact us or drop us a line at and help us translating!

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Language packs updated!

Osclass always strives to speak your language. So, with new version always come language updates.

We have begun to upload many of our language packs, so you can fully enjoy Osclass 3.5 in your own language.  Want to know in which languages is Osclass 3.5 already available?
Check them out!

And this wouldn’t have been possible were it not for our great community of translators! Huge thanks to all of  you who have made it possible!

Want to help us translate Osclass into your own language? Contact us!


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