Update your plugin / theme version!

You are already an expert in the art of selling on Osclass Market. You have developed outstanding themes and plugins. You have uploaded your products to our marketplace and you’ve tasted success, looking at your products’ downloads and sales stats. But you are the hard-working type and keep improving your creations. Now you’ve come up with a new version of your favourite theme/plugin and want to make it available to everyone on Osclass Market. Here are a few suggestions on how best to update your product version:

add new file
Always add new version files through “Add new file” button, on “My products” tab.

Remember that if you “Edit” an existing version, this one becomes blocked. Now, we’ve enhanced the system so that when an existing version is being edited, the latest (non-blocked) version is available for download.

Bottom line? When adding a new product version, we always recommend you to add new file versions instead of editing existing files. In this way, users will always have access to the latest version of your products, while you are adding the new one.

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Messenger tool for Market users and developers!

New Market feature! Did you know that now users can contact directly to Market developers?

Thanks to our friends from Madhouse, we have implemented a messenger tool on Osclass Market. Much awaited for most of you, this messenger tool allows users and developers to communicate among themselves. So, from now on, if you have recently bought a plugin or theme on Osclass Market and have a question about it, you can ask it directly to its developer! Here we tell you how to manage this easy-to-use tool. Actually, it may sound familiar to some of you ;) .

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Monetize like a pro!

Cha-ching! Hear that? Is your Osclass site making you a little bit richer every second. We are proud to release the new Osclass Payments Pro plugin, the monetization plugin for professional classifieds, carefully developed by Osclass. Eagerly expected by most of you, this new version comes with great improvements and cool new features:

  • Ready to use and easy to configure
  • Allow users to publish and mark ads as premium, from the first step
  • Paypal compatibility. And there are more coming!
  • Pay for ad posting, pay to mark as premium
  • Monetize like a pro!

But, wait, there’s more. This month our Market welcomes more new themes and plugins. From responsive and minimalistic themes to helpful and site-boosting plugins, these products will surely make the most of your Osclass website!


 cleen Cleen

Cleen is a multipurpose and responsive premium Osclass theme. Great for car dealers, startups and anybody who is looking for a clean/minimalistic Osclass theme.

olxx Olxx Theme

Are you an Olx fan? This Osclass premium theme will let you customise your site appearance, to make it look like the famous classifieds site.

Not exactly what you’re looking for? Take a look at these and more of our latest themes at Osclass Market.


payments pro Osclass Payments Pro

Enhanced and with more features! The monetization plugin for professional classifieds, carefully developed by the Osclass team. Osclass payments pro plugin is the perfect tool to make profit our of your website.

Alerts Alerts Decoder

Display alerts’ details in user dashboard: min/max price, date, status, with photo, categories, city, region, search keywords…
This plugin allows you to display up to 12 different parameters for each of your programmed alerts in your user dashboard.

Lz Advanced Filters

Simple and powerful ads search filter manager. With Lz Advanced Filters you can create custom filters so users can better filter search results when searching for listings.

Lz Likebox

Allow your users to “Like/Favourite” ads that can later be viewed right in their user admin panel, the “Liked” count is then displayed in the ad details page so all you user can see how many people are interested in that item.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Then browse among other cool plugins at Osclass Market.

Want to share your plugins and themes? Submit them on Osclass Market!
Uh-oh…Not registered yet? Become an Osclass developer!

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Osclass Market has a new look!

What is sleek and has an awesomely stylish design? Drum roll, please…
Yes, our NEW MARKET!

We are glad to finally unveil the new and shiny version of Osclass Market which you will surely love! Check out its colorful new homepage. Way more stylish, way clearer! But these changes don’t end in our new cool layout. Now shopping on Osclass Market is more intuitive and faster. Our new marketplace includes better categorization of products, so you can easily find what you are looking for. Filter your search by category, by premium or free products; by number of downloads; or discover our featured products of the week. Don’t find what are looking for? Don’t worry. We’ll suggest you a list of similar products that may also fit your needs. No search will be fruitless.

Slick and understandable. Market navigation is now clearer than ever, both for developers and customers. What do I need to sell on Osclass Market? How can I buy my favourite plugin? Now we’ve included useful tips, brief instructions and further information, whether you are selling or buying Osclass products.

Enough of the chit-chat, let us invite you to discover the new Osclass Market!

And don’t forget to send us your feedback! Feel free to share your impressions with us via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or you can always drop us a line.

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Madly in love! Check out our newest items!

Saint Valentine’s day is approaching and we have a confession to make. We are in love! Wait, relax, we haven’t been hacked by a One Direction fan. We simply can’t take our eyes off of the amazing themes and plugins being submitted on our Market. Talent is clearly brimming on Osclass Market! We don’t stop seeing dozens of bright and creative complements specially designed for our classifieds script.

Among our latest Market incorporations, there’s a name that already may sound familiar to you. That’s right! Madhouse guys are back again and they have brought not one but two new plugins. But, wait,there’s more! Time to remove the incipient dust from our themes shelf…We’ve got a new and shiny full-responsive theme! Think these are just a bunch of cheesy gimmicks? Well, prove it for yourself!

Take a look at these and more of our latest plugins and themes: Continue reading

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