Osclass Market has a new look!

What is sleek and has an awesomely stylish design? Drum roll, please…
Yes, our NEW MARKET!

We are glad to finally unveil the new and shiny version of Osclass Market which you will surely love! Check out its colorful new homepage. Way more stylish, way clearer! But these changes don’t end in our new cool layout. Now shopping on Osclass Market is more intuitive and faster. Our new marketplace includes better categorization of products, so you can easily find what you are looking for. Filter your search by category, by premium or free products; by number of downloads; or discover our featured products of the week. Don’t find what are looking for? Don’t worry. We’ll suggest you a list of similar products that may also fit your needs. No search will be fruitless.

Slick and understandable. Market navigation is now clearer than ever, both for developers and customers. What do I need to sell on Osclass Market? How can I buy my favourite plugin? Now we’ve included useful tips, brief instructions and further information, whether you are selling or buying Osclass products.

Enough of the chit-chat, let us invite you to discover the new Osclass Market!

And don’t forget to send us your feedback! Feel free to share your impressions with us via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or you can always drop us a line.

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Madly in love! Check out our newest items!

Saint Valentine’s day is approaching and we have a confession to make. We are in love! Wait, relax, we haven’t been hacked by a One Direction fan. We simply can’t take our eyes off of the amazing themes and plugins being submitted on our Market. Talent is clearly brimming on Osclass Market! We don’t stop seeing dozens of bright and creative complements specially designed for our classifieds script.

Among our latest Market incorporations, there’s a name that already may sound familiar to you. That’s right! Madhouse guys are back again and they have brought not one but two new plugins. But, wait,there’s more! Time to remove the incipient dust from our themes shelf…We’ve got a new and shiny full-responsive theme! Think these are just a bunch of cheesy gimmicks? Well, prove it for yourself!

Take a look at these and more of our latest plugins and themes:


aurum Aurum

Compatible with all devices (full responsive). A good theme with advanced search on the homepage with animation in the presentation of lists.


availability Madhouse Availability

Extends the items fields with custom attributes for availability dates or duration.

avatar Madhouse Avatar

Profile picture for users finally made easy: simple to integrate, fully customizable and with regeneration feature.

 social author Osclass Social Auth

Osclass plugin that allows your visitors to login using social networks with one click.

Want to share your plugins and themes? Submit them on Osclass Market!
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New plugins! Open Graph, Google Maps Routes, Intrusion Detection

Winter is still coming. Or at least this is what Phil the groundhog just predicted yesterday. 6 more weeks of hot cups of coffee, furry coats, scarves, gloves and any possible layer to fight the cold. As you may know, our team has experienced the freezing temperatures of Belgium. But this hasn’t frozen us out. Returning from our quick visit to FOSDEM, we have published hot new items on our Market. We are sure that these plugins will make you forget the outside awful weather. Take a peak at them and see how they can warmly wrap up your Osclass.

 open graph

Open Graph

Serves Facebook with the correct meta data when someone shares an ad on your site.

Have you ever been in the position that you share a link of an ad from your Osclass site and, for some strange reason, the preview image is from another ad or something else on your site? This plugin aims to sort this by feeding Facebook the correct meta data trough the Open Graph API when an ad is shared.

Google maps routes

Google maps routes

Includes all the road route to the seller’s address.
Saves time for your visitors and users.

Multi-language, responsive and easy-to-use.

open graph

Intrusion Detection

Protect your site against different types of attacks, including SQL Injections, Cross Site Scripting, Header Injection, Directory Traversal, RFE/LFI and more. Highly customizable.

This plugin works as a filter for all requests to your site and is aimed at catching attempts for performing different types of attacks against your site.

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Let’s chat! Madhouse Messenger plugin


Your website is buzzing with activity and your users are receiving lots of comments for their ads. Have you ever thought about providing them with a better and quicker way to communicate?

This is where Madhouse Messenger comes to the rescue, our most recent incorporation to Osclass Market. As their developers claim, this is the ultimate personal messaging plugin for any Osclass website. It allows your users to simply send and respond to messages. But there’s more, a lot more. With Madhouse Messenger your users can engage in conversations – displayed in a unified inbox – read receipts, enable permalinks and have access to a complete set of administration pages, including dashboard/statistics, moderation and many other settings (search messages, users or threads, set reminders,etc.).

Inspired by the best personal messaging systems, Madhouse Messenger is intuitive and easy to use, as it works just like users are accustomed to, like their favourite messaging apps. Furthermore, it integrates perfectly with Bender themes and it is fully customisable.

And if it were not enough, everything has been comprehensively documented to help you get started: installation, integration and customisation, helpers, hooks and filters, changelog.
Want to see it in action? Try a demo! Did you like this plugin? Check out other plugins by Madhouse.

Have you developed Osclass themes or plugins? So, why don’t you send them to us? You will be selling your creations on Osclass Market, the best and the only official showcase for Osclass plugins and themes with more than 1 Million downloads. Sign in now and upload your items!

Not a registered developer yet? Sign up on Osclass Market!


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See you at FOSDEM 2015!

Fosdem 2015

Every year, there’s a special date that is highlighted in our calendars. Yes, you’ve guessed it! FOSDEM 2015 is just around the corner and we couldn’t miss it. Although ninjas pack light, we are preparing our luggage for what has been widely recognised as the best open source conference in Europe. Not bad for an event that was originally intended as a small meeting for open source developers and rapidly became a success on its first edition, now 15 years ago.

Organised by and for open-source software developers, FOSDEM’s goal is to provide these developers and communities with a place to meet, get in touch with other projects and developers, be informed about the latest developments in the open source world, attend interesting talks and presentations and promote the development and benefits of open source solutions.

According to tradition, FOSDEM will be held in the beautiful Brussels, at the ULB Solbosch campus, and will gather more than 5,000 developers. This year’s edition will feature 391 speakers, 416 events, and 46 tracks. Want to have a peek at our busy agenda? Among our must-attend talks and presentations we have listed the following:

As always and following the open-source philosophy, participation and attendance is totally free, but organisers are gratefully accepting donations and sponsorship.

Are you attending FOSDEM too? You might bump into some of our Osclass team members! Be on the lookout for the ninja!

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