2 new plugins on our Market!

Wow, our Market is growing bigger every day! More than 630 developers have already registered on Osclass Market and counting!

Have you spotted our most recent incorporation?

This plugin enables Latch security in your website, for users and admins. To install it you just need to create a developer account at Elevenpaths, create a new application and configure your appId and appSecret on the admin panel.
Still have doubts? Check out this video tutorial or read the github user manual.

Carte cliquable
It allows you to insert the map of France’s regions on your website.

And these are just two of our 67 plugins and themes that you can find on Osclass Market.
What are you waiting for? The perfect plugin/theme for your website may be waiting for you to find it!

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Are you ready to download Osclass 3.5?

osclass 3.5 tag cloud

No wonder that you are more than eager to update your Osclass to the most recent version, 3.5. And if you aren’t still all so excited about it, here are a few good reasons that will surely convince you.

First, from now on you can connect your Osclass installation to your Market account and discover its great advantages! Just a couple of clicks and you will synchronise your Osclass Market with your Osclass admin panel.

By the way, do you see anything different in Osclass Market? Yes, you’ve guessed it! Now you can enjoy paid plugins and themes! Once connected to your Market account, the new “My purchases” tab on your oc-admin Market will allow you to quickly find your plugins and themes bought at Osclass Market. What’s more, we have added search filters to the Market area in your oc-admin. Now you will be able to rapidly spot your desired plugin or theme and find similar ones from the same category.

And new version highlights don’t simply end here. Here’s a breakdown of the latest improvements you will also find in Osclass 3.5.:

  • Improved styles and UI at Manage listings page.
  • Date format improvements at Manage users/listings pages.
  • Several helpers functions fixed. Now working properly!
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Wait, there’s more! We are proud to announce that some Osclass themes now support ad management (Google Adsense, Tradedoubler, Commission Junction, among others). Start today monetising your Osclass site!

Want to know more? Take a peek at Osclass 3.5. changelog.

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Connect your Market!

Our new Market version comes with outstanding features both for developers and users! You know that we at Osclass always aim to make your life easier and to deliver you a faster and improved experience with your classifieds site. So this is why we have implemented “Market Connect”. With this option, you will be able to connect your Osclass Market profile to your Osclass installation. In this way, you will be able to able to download your purchased items, directly from your oc-admin Market.

So how do you connect your Market?

Simply access your Market, from your oc-admin, and click on the “Connect” tab. Enter your Market e-mail address and password (the one provided in the sign-up process) and click on “Connect”.

Now you are connected to your Market account. So, whenever you buy a payment item on Osclass Market, it will automatically appear on your oc-admin, in “My purchases” tab. From “My purchases” you will be able to download your purchased items directly, saving you the time and effort to download and upload the item file.

Note that this feature is designed exclusively for payment items. Free items downloaded through your Market user profile won’t appear neither on My purchases nor on Dashboard → Plugins tabs.

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New market, new plugins!

We can’t hide it. We are so proud of our new Market, we can just stop talking about it!
Did you know that it comes with amazing new plugins? Check out the new incorporations:

Admin email search (free)

Find all the information related to a user, just by typing their email address.
This plugin allows site administrators to find all the information associated to an email address.You will be able to search emails using the ‘Search Email’ link located in the toolbar of your oc-admin. Just by typing the email address on the admin panel, admins will be able find all the information related to it (existing user or not, number of posted ads, associated alerts,etc.) This plugin will help you delete some of the information associated to those email addresses.

email search

Amazon SES (free)

Allows you to use the Amazon SES mailing service, perfect for admins with issues in the configuration of their email server.
Are you having mailing issues in your Osclass site? Undelivered, delayed or lost mails? This plugin allows you to send your emails from Amazon servers. You only need to create an Amazon SES account and configure Osclass with the keys given by Amazon. Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) is a highly scalable and cost-effective email-sending service for businesses and developers. Amazon SES eliminates the complexity and expense of building an in-house email solution or licensing, installing, and operating a third-party email service for this type of email communication.


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New plugin! Mandrill for Osclass.


Have you seen the newest plugins on our Market? Our ninja has a new hairy friend. Among our most recent incorporations, this week you will find Mandrill plugin for Osclass.So, what is Mandrill and how can it help you improve your classifieds website? Let us to explain you the nuts and bolts of this wondrous plugin.

Like it or not, mails are the cornerstone of your business, specially on classifieds websites. You need to constantly deliver users the latest news, updates and offers, and be able to track mails to measure users’ engagement. Developed by MailChimp©, Mandrill is a transactional email service that helps you send automated one-to-one emails from their servers. With Mandrill plugin emails are tracked and automatically tagged for statistics within the Mandrill dashboard. You can also add general tags to every email sent, as well as particular tags based on selected emails defined by your requirements.

This plugin is ideal if you send hundreds or thousands of mails on a daily basis and want to ensure their reception and track them as well. With Mandrill your mails will be sent from MailChimp servers, which send more than 10 billion emails a month. So, be sure that your mails will be delivered and marked as safe.

Ok, got it, but how do I install Mandrill plugin?

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