Osclass 3.4 speaks your language!

We are proud to announce that new Osclass version is now fully available in 9 languages and counting! Thanks to our generous and hard-working community of users we have updated language packages in CatalanGermanSpanish, Romanian, Russian, Ukranian, Polish and Vietnamese for the 3.4.x version as well as for the rest of plugins and themes.

Screenshot 2014-08-12 17.35.09

You can download these and other language packs on our Market section.

Want to help us translating Osclass into your favourite language?
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New version – Osclass 3.4 is ready for download!

Your wishes are commands!

After some testing, today we launch a new Osclass version with bug fixes and fresh and new features! Above all, we want to thank those of you who have helped us testing and sent feedback!
Want to know what’s in for you in this new version? Fasten your seatbelt!

With Osclass 3.4. now you will be able to enjoy cache in your site and increase response time up to 30%!
Thanks to this, you will get a faster page loading and improve search engines’ ratings. Furthermore, a lower loading time will enhance user’s experience and will increase the number of pageviews. Want to know more about cache? Read our blog post!

But it doesn’t stop here, these are Osclass 3.4. highlights:

  • License change to Apache 2.0

We have changed the license from AGPL to Apache 2.0. Why? With AGPL all your plugins and themes had to be AGPL, you had to provide the code of everything to any user who requested it…and,what’s more,  for free! Another AGPL drawbacks is that you can sell plugins but you can’t restrict their use (for example just for its use in one site instead of hundreds). Apache gives you more freedom as each plugin or theme can have its own license and you don’t have to distribute it for free.

  • Extensible cache support (memcache, APC,…)

As we have mentioned before, we have added support for cache. Pages now load faster, yay! We give support for memcache and APC, which are the two most well-known cache engines. However it can be extended to other engines, respecting the Osclass core.

  • User based subdomains

Now you can have user subdomains, e.g., http://user.osclass.org/ http://my_nickname.osclass.org/

  • Emails filters with more variables added

This is specially useful for developers, who will now make plugins that add more information to emails sent to users.

  • Some sql optimizations (categories, users, premium)

We have optimized database queries. Now Osclass will load faster and need less RAM.

  • UI fixes and improvements in admin
  • Imagemagick issues fixed
  • Child theme support

A child theme is a theme that inherits the functionality of another theme, called the parent theme. Child themes allow you to modify, or add to the functionality of that parent theme. A child theme is the best, safest, and easiest way to modify an existing theme, whether you want to make a few tiny changes or extensive changes. Instead of modifying the theme files directly, you can create a child theme and override within. For example, you will be able to have your bender theme, as a parent theme, and then create “my-bender-child”, containing only the files that are different from the bender.

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

More than 100 fixed issues!

NOTE: Perform backups both for your database and stored files in your installation (Tools -> Backup ) , as they will help you restore your site in case of trouble.

Download Osclass 3.4!

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Fasten your seat belt! Enjoy cache in Osclass!


What’s in Osclass version 3.4, that is new, awesome and will help you increase your response time up to 30%?  Yes, you’ve guessed it. It’s cache!
With this new Osclass version, you can now enjoy cache and get a faster page loadingincrease search engines’ ratings and enhance user’s experience, thus increasing the number of pageviews.

Note that this post is slightly technical, but we’ll try to unravel all the tech verbiage for you.

Osclass and cache
Osclass 3.4 now allows different types of cache (apc and memcache).

What is cache? How does it work?
A website contains content which is dynamically generated. When a user browse through your website, he or she is launching queries to the website database. Some database queries i.e. filtered searches are usually costly and recurrent operations, so why repeat the most common queries if we already know the results?

A cache, in web applications terms, stores files (objects, costly operations’ results,etc.) in order to lower the bandwidth, server loading and download delay.

As we’ve mentioned before, in your Osclass website there are certain costly operations, such as complex database queries. The result of these complex actions is stored in cache so the server doesn’t need to generate the data again. These data are returned from the cache instead of making a query to the database. This implies a drastic improvement in website loading and response time, allowing to support more visitors to your site.

Here’s a comparison of server response time on an Osclass website with thousands of listings, with and without cache.

Want to know how does cache affect an Osclass site? Check out this performance testing.

Cache consists of stored data/information which is available through a unique key which is associated to a value. Each key+value stored in the cache has a limited amount of seconds of “lifetime”. This lifetime defines the validity of the data.

Key + Value + Lifetime (seconds)

Let’s see an example:

  • The active category list is usually static so we’ll usually a longer lifetime. In this case, we can set a 7 days lifetime, for example.
  • The  latest listings list is usually more dynamic as we receive many new listings daily and want data to be updated frequently. For example, if we choose to set a 10 min lifetime to the latest listings list, this will be the frequency in which your listings will be updated.

Got any question? You can always consult our forums or drop a line to us.

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Osclass 3.4 RC – Help us testing!

As promised some time ago, we have Osclass 3.4 release candidate ready for download!

IMPORTANT! As always, we don’t recommend you to run the installation on a production website to test it, once we make sure there are no bugs the new official version will be released in the following days.

Osclass 3.4 RC highlights:

  • Extensible cache support (memcache, APC,…)
  • License change to Apache 2.0
  • Some sql optimizations (categories, users, premium)
  • User based subdomains
  • Child theme support
  • Emails filters with more variables added
  • UI fixes and improvements in admin
  • Imagemagick issues fixed
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Download Osclass 3.4 RC 


Help us improve Osclass!

Remember this is a pre-release version and while we work hard to make it bug-free, we could have missed some.
Feel free to comment here if you find one, you could also contribute with code changes to our git repository.



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New language! Enjoy Osclass in Vietnamese!

Vietnamese lang pack

Osclass doesn’t stop growing in spoken languages!

Thanks to our awesome community of users, you can now enjoy Osclass entirely in Vietnamese!
You can download this and other languages on our Market.

Want to help us translating Osclass into your favourite language?
Sign up and start translating!

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