New languages! Arabic, Norwegian, Czech and Dutch

Good news! We have released new language packages in ArabicNorwegian, Czech and Dutch for the 3.3.x versions as well as for the rest of plugins and themes.

Market languages

You can download these and other languages on our Market section.

Want to help us translating Osclass into your favourite language?
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Find us now on CliQr App Store!


Cloud application CliQr is launching today their App Store! We are proud to announce that Osclass is one of the first 75 open source apps included in this launching!

The Cliqr app store aims to be the world’s largest open source app store based on Open Cloud and portable to multi VM’s. Besides, it allows others to publish their own applications. CliQr App Store also makes it easier for users to quickly run and start the app with a few simple clicks. Users can also choose from which server they want to deploy the app (Amazon, HP or Google) and they can run and change it anytime.

Funded by Foundation Capital and Google, CliQr CloudCenter™ is the cloud application management platform that enables companies to move, manage, and secure existing and newly developed applications from any physical, virtual, or cloud environment to any private, public, or hybrid cloud—without the need to modify the application or create cloud-specific scripts or VM images.

Want to give it a try? Find us on CliQr App Store and enjoy 250 hours of cloud run-time for free!

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Latest updates! HTML forms, themes and URLs

We at Osclass are always striving to make your life easier!

That is why we are implementing some changes and improvements, in order to help you saving time while developing your projects!

Firstly, we are improving our HTML forms to avoid tedious repetitions while coding. Until today, if you wanted to apply changes in the HTML form structure, you had to go trough the repetitive and wearisome procedure of applying them to each and every form on your code. This will be history with our latest updates as you will now have one single file with the structure of a generic form which you can later use to create all your forms.

Here you have an example:
Let’s say you have something similar to this: 
Osclass code forms

As you can see, there’s a lot of repetition in this HTML code. Until now, if in the future you needed to apply some changes, you were bound to repeat this code for each file of each page form. With our latest update we are improving our system so you can apply all these changes in one single step, similar to this:

addField(‘form’, ‘category’);
addField(‘form’, ‘title’);
addField(‘form’, ‘description’);

Actually, there’s no need to do “addField” (that’s Osclass does for you) but simply: insertForm(‘form’).
Let’s see a real example: 
Current version (94 lines)
New version (38 lines)

Secondly, we are cutting down the number of required files for the themes (e.g. item-post and item-edit which are almost identical and will end up being the same file).
But don’t worry, all current themes will still be valid.

And last but not least, we are improving and unifying our URLs. We used to create URLs according to some rules, e.g. anything regarding a user was labeled as “user” (user/login, user/register,…) and plugins’ urls were different from the core ones (in the database). These URLS will now be unified and you will be able to customize ALL urls as well as  create many pages directing to the same place (e.g. user/login and user/entry). Say goodbye to “ugly” urls such as index.php?page=user&action=login, they will now be nicer and SEO- friendly e.g. index.php/user/login.

We don’t stop seeing great websites that are already using! And we are proudly adding them to our showcase.

Want to show the world your awesome work? Share your website with us!

Stay tuned!  
Share your thoughts with us!

Thanks for all your support and feedback!

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FOSDEM 2014, here we come!


Travelling light and ready to set out! FOSDEM 2014 is around the corner and we’ve got tickets to Brussels! We’ll be attending this two-day event and feeling like home amongst more than 5,000 developers that will be gathered at the ULB Solbosch campus.

Organised by and for open-source software developers, FOSDEM’s goal is to provide these developers and communities with a place to meet, get in touch with other projects and developers, be informed about the latest developments in the open source world, attend interesting talks and presentations and promote the development and benefits of open source solutions.

As always and following the open-source philosophy, participation and attendance is totally free, but organisers are gratefully accepting donations and sponsorship.

Are you attending FOSDEM too? You might bump into some of our Osclass team members! Be on the lookout for the ninja!


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Osclass now available in Turkish!

We have been busy these holidays! We are proud to announce the launching of
Osclass in Turkish!

Turkish launching

Besides, we have updated our language packages for the 3.3.x versions as well as the rest of plugins and themes, improving their compatibility with older versions.

You can download this and other languages on our Market section.

Want to help us translating Osclass into your favourite language?
Sign up and start translating!

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